F1 News and Opinions Update

There isn’t a whole lot of news coming out of the F1 camps this week, though there are rumblings that Jenson wants more money now that he is world champion, and Brawn don’t want to pay it. Also, Rubens Barrichello may end up being a Williams driver – Mark Webber seems to think it’s a done deal – and, surprise, surprise, Donnington Park is late and will not be hosting a Grand Prix.

You know, the BRDC (British Racing Drivers Club) seemed to know that Donnington would never get this deal done, and they have a perfectly good track in Silverstone sitting right there, ready to use. I don’t understand why Bernie hates Silverstone so much. Is it because it has too much history behind it? Because the drivers really seem to like it? Ok, so I know it’s because he wants more money and the track is very horrible when it comes to accommodations and the traffic sucks, but come on. I think I have mentioned this before, but I really am not Bernie’s biggest fan. He seems to be trying to destroy the traditional races that have been on the calendar for a long time, to make way for races that sign up for big money, but then can’t sustain the viewership or turnout. Turkey, China and Malaysia are all good examples of this. I saw a video today that the new Yas Marina Circuit has seating for a whole 50,000 people! Whoopty-fricken-do. The Canadian Grand Prix (which is coming back next year thank god) always has more than 100,000 people attend. Now, much of that number is due to the fact that Montreal is much more accessible than Abu Dhabi, but that isn’t the point with Bernie. See he is in it for the money up front and doesn’t care about what happens afterward. As long as he sees the greenbacks (or whatever color money they have there) up front, he is a happy man. So, will this last Grand Prix be exciting? Maybe. Will it have lots of people watching? For this inaugural race, yes. Can it sustain itself for a long time? Based on many of the new tracks in F1, no. But all that will come later, after Bernie is rolling around in his money vault like Scrooge McDuck.



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