Donnington Done and Rosberg on the Move

The British Grand Prix will not be heading to Donnington Park. That is the statement straight from the horse’s mouth. Bernie has made it clear that Donnington have missed all the deadlines that they needed to make to get the British Grand Prix away from Silverstone, but they could not come up with the money. This leaves the British Grand Prix in doubt for next year, but I think that both Bernie and the BRDC will come to a conclusion, because no one wants to miss Britain having a round of the championship. Of course, I would also like the French Grand Prix and the US Grand Prix back, but what do I know?

Also in the news, it has been announced that it is the last race for Nico Rosberg at Williams. This isn’t really new news per se, as it has been speculated for a couple of weeks now that he would be moving on, but it remains to be seen where. Some people think McLaren, while others are betting on Brawn because of the increased Mercedes backing. Personally, I would say that Brawn and Williams are going to do a straight driver-for-driver swap with Barrichello going to Sir Frank’s team.

Weekend predictions come tomorrow and then it will be time for the final race of the year.


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