The 2009 Season Finale: Yas Marina Abu Dhabi

My last predictions of this Formula One season! The final race of this season takes place in Abu Dhabi at the newly constructed Yas Marina Circuit. No one has seen this track firsthand and right now both McLarens are on the pace. Kovalainen leads Hamilton by a few tenths and then it is F1 World Champion 2009 Jenson Button in third. Vettel is in fourth right now followed by the impressive rookie Kamui Kobayashi in the Toyota. I think that this race is going to come down to who can keep up with both of the McLarens. This also means that I think…no, I know that McLaren will retain third in the manufacturer’s standings. Fisi hasn’t really done anything with his Ferrari and Kimi don’t care enough to go fast. He’s just looking to next season when he will be driving either a rally car or listening to his awesome speakers hewn from living rocks. Right now he is trying to sew up a deal with McLaren to be their second driver, but his contract states that he is allowed to go rally racing, but McLaren don’t want him to do that during the season. It will be interesting to see whether or not he gets to drive for his old team again, and if he does, whether they will allow him to race rally cars during the season. Personally, I am hoping that he does go to McLaren and then there is a huge squabble between the team and Kimi about driving. That would be fun to read about. Ok, back to the race at hand. Winning this race will be Hamilton. I have a feeling that he is gaining a lot of confidence with his car, and that the KERS system will be in full effect. In second will be Vettel, and third will be Button. The rest of the point scorers will be Raikkonen, Webber, Kobayashi, Rosberg and Kovalainen. I think that this race will be a forgettable affair, but the track will look good and the place will be pretty. The track is very wide open and features huge run-off areas for the racers. I think there may be some passing, but it will be from the people at the back of the pack and won’t matter all that much. As far as crashes go, I don’t expect there to be any of those because the start is fairly simple and all the corners are very wide. Come back on Monday for the full recap and a look forward to next season.


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