All About Kimi

Brawn GP has a seat open. Rubens Barrichello is moving to Williams next season to be alongside the rookie Nico Hulkenberg. This basically means that Brawn GP’s seat will be filled by Nico Rosberg. I think I may have even said as much a couple of posts ago.

This arrangement is even better confirmed by the fact that Brawn have also made it clear that Kimi Raikkonen would cost them too much; and considering that he wants $30 million for a drive, I would think most teams are not willing to sign him. I didn’t want to make this all about Kimi, but that’s what he would like, so here I go. Kimi is self-centered and doesn’t care if he drives in F1 next season or not. I know this because he has it in his contract that he can go rally driving during the season. This was not a problem for Ferrari, but McLaren – the only viable team for him now – say that rallying is not an option. But he maintains that he will be allowed to go rallying because he isn’t removing it from his contract. Personally, I say that if Kimi wants to have rallying in his contract, then go drive a rally car. Don’t get me wrong, Kimi is a good driver, but only when the mood strikes him. He didn’t care about the last two seasons because there was nothing to play for. If he doesn’t go out and win in the first couple of races, he becomes disinterested in the rest of the season. Case in point, he could have easily had a point or two in the last race if he would have just tried a little harder (look at Kamui Kobayashi for that) and gotten Ferrari third place in the Constructor’s title. Instead, he celebrated his final race for the famous prancing horse by driving around the track in a lowly 11th for most of the race. If he doesn’t see the prize at the end of the stick, then he ain’t going to be interested in doing anything. For that reason, I think that the move to get Alonso into the car is a good one. As much as I am not a big fan of Alonso, I do think that he is better prepared to help the team get back to winning than Kimi. Raikkonen should really just take his $20 million from Ferrari that he is going to get and go listen to his stereo with the stone speakers and drive his little Suzuki through the forests. It would be more relaxing for him to drive that car, and he could then go out and party in a gorilla suit more often if he really wants to. Just the fact that he is getting $20 million from Ferrari after the season, then has the balls to want $30 million for a drive is outrageous. Plus, this doesn’t even take into account the sponsorship money that he pulls in (of course, that’s assuming that Mr. Self-Centered actually shows up for those things – which he probably won’t) and that is probably a couple more million right there. All in all, I think that Kimi has had his run in F1 and is just as sick of it as many other people are now getting of him. So please, go and leave the racing to people who actually care about making their cars and teams better and stop driving.


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