Formula One News Brief

A couple of items caught my eye today. First, the Brawn GP has been bought out by Mercedes and will be branded, from now on, as Mercedes Grand Prix. As for McLaren, that team will be phased out, sort of, and will eventually become an independent team, much like Brawn was last season, with Mercedes supplying engines, but totally sovereign from them. Brawn (or Mercedes Grand Prix) will then become the actual factory backed team from Mercedes. Does this mean, then, that McLaren will be forced to the sidelines and won’t be as competitive as they have been previously? Of course not. In fact, I believe this gives McLaren even more motivation to beat the factory cars, as the new customer set up. Plus, the real rivalry is still McLaren vs. Ferrari. Brawn can have their little Red Bull spat, but everyone knows that McLaren vs. Ferrari is where it’s at.

The second bit of news is a little embarrassing for the Prancing Horse from Maranello. This past weekend, Ferrari held a little get together in Valencia known as the Ferrari World Finals. It featured a parade of Maranello’s finest and even introduced Fernando Alonso to the Spaniards as the newest Ferrari Formula One driver. However, the Ferrari California that was driven by Luca di Montezemolo ended up being beached in a sand trap, as he either forgot how to drive, or simply felt that the car could get closer to the crowd without being stuck. Whatever his inclination, it was a mistake and the baby Ferrari became stuck in it. Here are a couple of videos of the little snafu that must have been one of the most embarrassing moments for him. I hope that Fernando isn’t thinking this is a great way to start his Ferrari tenure, having the boss beach him in his own country. Oh well, this could only really happen to Ferrari couldn’t it. They seem to be full of miscues lately and this is probably just the start of many more to come.


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