Button and McLaren

Some quick Formula One news is on tap for today before I get to the main Top Gear article. It seems as though Jenson Button is poised to make a move to get into the McLaren cockpit alongside fellow Brit, Lewis Hamilton. This is potentially huge news, as Button and Hamilton would make basically an all British team, while this would ruin Kimi Raikkonen’s chances of getting into the sport next season. With the McLaren seat filled, there would be no other team on the grid willing to pay the amount of money that the 2007 world champ wants. I don’t know whether or not to say that this is a good move for Button because, as we have seen with Fernando Alonso, a title winning driver moving to McLaren with Hamilton is a risky move that could just take points away from both drivers. The only real reason that Kimi won in 2007 was because there was no number one driver for McLaren that year, and both teammates took points away from each other, allowing Kimi to sneak up and snag the title in Brazil. Frankly, I’m surprised Button is thinking this way. I know that there is more money involved, but wouldn’t you rather be on a team where you are the number one driver instead of simply Lewis’ teammate? If it were me, I think I would be satisfied being the number one driver of a team who has Ross Brawn at the head of it, even though I would be paid less, the money made is still a lot. In fact, his salary at Brawn is still over four million pounds per year, though that is two million less than McLaren is willing to pay him for his services. So, does he say “Show me the money!?” or does he stick it out with Brawn and try to make it two in a row? I wouldn’t be surprised either way, but I would hate for him to join McLaren as it would instantly make him the enemy.


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