Formula One Tidbits

It seems there are some news stories flying around the Formula One paddock that may or may not be true. One thing that we do know at this point is that Kimi Raikkonen has decided to take a sabbatical from F1 for 2010 and go to the WRC. His decision is based on the fact that he was pushed out by Ferrari, was too expensive for every other team and couldn’t come to contract terms with McLaren before Jenson arrived on the scene. He has stated that he could return in 2011, but only if he is driving for a team that has a shot at winning a title. This logic also runs through his WRC hopes and he, I assume anyway, will sign with Citroen if he wants the best car. I am on the fence about him going. I was never a true fan of his, but he did bring a really mellow, laid-back, Finnish attitude to the pits that was really refreshing… plus, he could wear a hat like no other. His Kimi-cap fashion was something to see in every press conference. As far as rumor is concerned, there is some speculation going around that Michael Schumacher will actually return for the 2010 season. But the shocker is that it won’t be in a red car with a prancing horse at the front. If he does come back though, he could be pared with Ross Brawn again at Mercedes (formerly Brawn). Eddie Jordan, the outspoken former team owner and BBC pundit, has made it known that he believes Schumi will be back on the grid, but that it will be in a Silver Arrows with Mercedes Grand Prix. Personally, I would hate to see this happen, but it isn’t like Michael can drive for the prancing horse because both seats are filled. If Luca di Montezemolo had his way and gotten the third car he wanted, this would not be an issue, but because that won’t be an option, Schumacher to Mercedes looks like a possibility that cannot be denied. Also, it has come about that, although Schumi renewed his contract with Ferrari, it has nothing to do with the F1 team anymore and is solely focused on the road car division. This leaves his racing wide open and he could be the person to fill one of the two seats that is now open at Mercedes GP because of the departures of both Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello. Do I think Schumi will do it? I think he will certainly give it a shot, I mean, he desperately wanted to come back this year and was unable, but his neck injury meant that he had to return to the sidelines. But that will be healed soon, so he will probably give it a good run. Now, do I want Schumi to return in anything that isn’t red and comes from Maranello? Of course not. But that’s the way things work these days. The coming weeks will really tell the whole story, but it is an interesting development and could be one of the biggest stories of the off season if it comes to fruition. Just imagine what Schumacher and Brawn can do with a car that came away with both the driver’s and constructor’s championships last year. It could be a hell of a season if that’s the case. Stay tuned.


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