Top Gear 14.3

This week, the boys once again took on the caravan, drove a new Lambo, found out the greatest car maker and had a star in a reasonably priced car.

The caravan is the scourge of the British road network. Every year these monstrosities clog up roadways and cause traffic jams that delay other motorists and annoy the general populace. James May has a solution for you. And that solution involves hot air balloons. You see, all you have to do is attach a caravan to the underside of a balloon and you can take to the skies and there will be less clutter on the road networks for the people who actually enjoy driving. So this is what James did, while Richard got to hoon around in the new Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni. As always happens, James got into trouble with the air police as he had no control over where he was going and forgot to factor in that there might be a slight breeze while in the air. On the ground, Richard loved the Balboni, and found that it was the perfect car for buying with your heart, but not your mind. If you think about it too much, the investment doesn’t seem all that great. Sure, it is a rear drive Lambo, but it costs $20,000 more than the standard Gallardo and that means you are paying for less. Less driven wheels, less weight, less power = more money. Well, whatever, Lamborghini will still manage to sell all of them because there are many people out there who still think with their heart rather than their heads.

The star this week was none other than Chris Evans. To say that he is a fan of Ferraris would be an understatement. In fact, he is the person who bought the 250 GTB short wheel base for 12+ million dollars at auction. He seems like a good guy though as he lends out his collection to be driven by anyone who is a high bidder for some charity cause. Plus, his former girlfriend was Billie Piper, and you can’t argue with that. His lap was actually pretty good for it being so dang wet on the track though and he was the best guest that they have had this season so far.

In the final part of the show, the boys went so far as to determine which car manufacturer has made the most brilliant cars ever, thus making them the greatest car company in the world. Out of the millions of people who responded to the question, nine came up with the same answer. No, it wasn’t Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ford or BMW or Mercedes. It was, drum roll… Lancia?! Yes, the Top Gear crew has lost its mind. Sure Lancia has made a significant contribution to the motoring and rallying world with the Stratos, Integrale, 037 and Fulvia. But to say that they made more great cars is a little out there. Now, I am in full agreement that these cars are great, in fact I love the Delta Integrale and the Stratos is a thing of beauty, but they haven’t made a contribution to the automobile world in more than a decade, as the Delta Integrale was last made in 1994. Truthfully, I would have said Ford or Ferrari, but sometimes these guys just have to be different. Honestly though, I was happy to see a show that featured a Stratos and an Integrale because these cars are some of the best there have ever been and, especially the Stratos, are some of the best looking that have ever been produced.


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