Formula One Updates

Yes, there is Formula One news happening right now, and yes, there are some big stories. Here is a recap of some of the stories that are happing as I type.

Firstly, Renault is again meeting to see if racing in F1 is viable to the success of their company. They have been on the fence for a couple of months about whether to stay or leave and there has been rampant speculation flying around that they would be the next to leave after Toyota and BMW this season. Earlier in the off season, they announced that they are committed to F1 and that they would certainly be racing. Now, the company is having another meeting to discuss their future, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the team goes on the chopping block. However, it sounds like there is a buyer should that happen.

David Richards, the owner of Prodrive, has been looking for a way into F1 for a couple of years now. It is being tossed around that he could be the buyer of the team should the company decided to get rid of it. And while the team may not be in the sport, they will probably simply become an engine supplier so that their name is still there. Look for news of this possibly in a few weeks, as the board is scheduled to meet on December 14th. In other F1 news, Sauber has been confirmed as the 13th team. This means that there will be 26 cars on the grid and it could get really congested out there. This is a good thing though, as Peter Sauber had been wanting to stay in F1, even after BMW called it quits, and now it looks like that will be a possibility. The team will be taking the place of the departing Toyota squad and has been confirmed so long as they sign the Concorde Agreement, which shouldn’t be a problem.

And winter rookie testing continues to move forward at Jerez in Spain. Though the time sheets change all the time, it is interesting to note that the Red Bulls and the McLarens and Brawns are still at the top of the sheets. Meanwhile, the F60 Ferrari continues to be a difficult car to drive as it resides down the sheets for many of the tests. Here’s hoping that all the cars get on pace so that the season is especially exciting and comes down to the wire once again.


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