Formula One News in Brief

Formula One news has been heating up as of late, as more rumors are swirling around both Michael Schumacher and the Renault team.

As for Schumi, the rumors seem to be getting stronger every week that he will be back in the cockpit with Mercedes GP, under Ross Brawn. His father, Rolf, said that “Michael is training every day like crazy. He’s not doing that for nothing.” Also, there have been no denials from the man himself and even Bernie Ecclestone is starting to think that something may be up. If Schumi doesn’t take the race seat, it is said that Nick Heidfeld is the next in line. In response to that, Ecclestone has said that Schumacher would be the better pick. Though this may be true from a driving stand point, we are still talking about a very physical activity here. Though neither Heidfeld or Schumacher are young guns anymore, and I am sure that they can both take the abuse, you have to wonder for how long? I wouldn’t think that Schumacher would be in the car for more than a year, two at the most and would then go back to being some sort of advisor and car tester for Ferrari. I just think that the open opportunity to get into the race cockpit again is too great for Michael and he is going to take the opportunity and be in a Mercedes outfit next season.

It also seems like Renault is ready to be sold to the highest bidder. Bernie Ecclestone thinks that David Richards and Prodrive have some competition though. The biggest competition is coming out of Luxembourg it seems, and the people behind this seem to have Ecclestone’s favor more than Richards. I just don’t get this. Here you have a British company in Prodrive with years of racing experience behind them (even some in Formula One) and Ecclestone is going to favor a different bidder. There is either some sort of blood feud between Bernie and David that no one knows about, or this other group has some serious chops. I think Bernie is out of his mind – still – and that he needs to settle down and admit Prodrive into the sport. They have wanted it for a long time now, and deserve a shot.

Also, Silverstone is set to remain the host of the British round of the Grand Prix series by signing a 17-year agreement. This is good news because Silverstone has a lot of personality and it is a fantastic venue that produces some epic races. This also allows the track time to make renovations for the future, instead of simply being on a year-to-year or short-term contract. The oldest event on the calendar is still there, and it looks like it is there to stay.


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