Top Gear 14.5

With only two episodes left, the boys put an actual supercar on their track, had an actual star in their reasonably priced car and did some mucking about at an art gallery. In all, a perfectly solid episode that featured some good laughs along the way.

Whenever there is a new supercar on the Top Gear track, there is a sprinkling of excitement that runs through me. I’m sure the same is true for Clarkson, as he was power sliding a Noble M600 all over the track and running it flat out. The noble is a car that can suit just about anyone as well because you can tune the vehicle to suit your driving style by dialing in more or less horsepower depending on your abilities. For example, if you are a hooligan who wants to outpace other supercars at the track, you can simply turn up the power to 650 horsepower and when you drive home, you can have a more docile car at your fingertips by turning the engine down to around 450 horsepower. If you want a supercar that will outrun the others, the Noble is your car. In fact, the M600 can accelerate from 60 to 80 in second gear in one second. It can also go from 100 to 130 in three seconds. The vehicle is devastatingly quick no matter how you look at it, and is probably worth the $200,000+ price tag that it commands. However, I do have to say that the styling of the vehicle is not my favorite and that it looks like some sort of insect, especially from the rear. But it is also said to be more comfortable seating wise and the ride won’t destroy your backside. If you want a supercar for the power and the speed, the Noble is the way to go, but if you value looks, there are probably better choices out there.

The star this week was recently crowned Formula One World Champion, Jenson Button. He was at the Top Gear track to be interviewed and see just how fast he could be against the clock, and against his new teammate, Lewis Hamilton, in the Suzuki Liana. With the track being slightly damp, much like Hamilton’s, there was a lot of pressure on the new champ. He ended up being only two tenths of a second slower than Hamilton, though that may be down to the fact that he slid the tail out in the last two corners. It’s amazing to watch these guys take the reigns of this car though. They are just so smooth and composed. Obviously they have had a lot of training, but it is still something to see just how much more composed they are behind the wheel than a more normal driver. If this proves anything, it is that the coming Formula One season will be something to watch as Hamilton and Button go head to head as teammates and rivals.

In the long segment, the boys cleared out an art gallery in the North of England to see if they could make more people show up for an art exhibit featuring cars and car related art than the art that is normally featured. They mucked about like normal by making distracting audio tours and crashing their centerpiece art car and forgetting to promote the show. However, they did get their attendance figures up and the art show was a success.

In all, a fairly entertaining show that sets up next week’s episode to be a doozie. In it, the boys will be traveling across South America, and it is one of those extended shows that should be very entertaining. Unfortunately, next week’s show also marks the second to last episode of this series already. Hopefully the boys go out on a good note and really pour a lot of stuff into these next two episodes.


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