Michael Schumacher Returns

Barring any unforeseen problems, Michael Schumacher will be racing a Formula One car in 2010. However, he will be donning a uniform made of silver, black and a pale green, as his new employer is Mercedes Petronas instead of the Scuderia. The deal seems to be confirmed and it is just a matter of time before Schumi or his manager comes out and announces it to the world. But the BBC is reporting that the initial deal is for one year and is worth around $10 million dollars, while there are other rumors out there that the deal is for three years and the same price. More will be known on the actual length of the contract when someone finally speaks up, but I cannot see Michael racing into his middle 40’s. If he is serious about doing this, he is going to have something in the contract that would allow for him to sign again without a breach of contract. I would expect that he is on a one year deal with a chance to renew for up to three years. I just can’t imagine him racing for three more years… but then again, who knows these days. And when you sit down and consider the money it’s not really all that much for a driver of his caliber, when you consider the ridiculous amount of money that some athletes in professional football or basketball or baseball make.

This move will of course reunite Schumacher with his mentor at both Benneton and Ferrari, Ross Brawn. The genius behind last year’s winning car will now have the most successful F1 driver ever behind the wheel. If he could get Jenson to the checkered flag, imagine what Schumacher will be able to do with it. So now we will get to see the real skills of a seasoned veteran such as Schumacher, go up against the young talent of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and a host of others. Will the old man be able to keep up. If the car is right, there is no doubt about it. The new season just can’t start fast enough.


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