USF1 Still Humming Along

Even though Bernie Ecclestone seems quite content to keep saying that Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson will never get USF1 off the ground, Mr. Windsor has had other ideas. He still maintains that the team is coming together just fine and that their lack of an actual car model is down to the fact that they are using CFD to design their car. What this is, is Computational Fluid Dynamics, and it simply means that they are designing their car without the use of a wind tunnel. Frankly, I’m not sure how much good this will do them, but then again, I also don’t expect them to be at the head of the pack… or even the middle. I do have higher hopes than those of Ecclestone, but would like to see more, or hear more, than simply the nothing that the team is currently putting out there. I can’t be certain, but I have to assume that come January, there will be more insight as to who is actually going to drive and what the car is going to look like. At least, there had better be some news, otherwise it may end up that Bernie is right. And that is one scenario that I don’t want to see come true.


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