Shumacher and Piquet News

There really isn’t a whole lot of F1 news to speak of that demands to be known right now. However, there are a few tidbits out there, like Schmacher testing a GP2 car and no drive in F1 for Jr.

It is thought that the GP2 test is a way for Schumi to get around the regulations that state that to save money, testing cars is forbidden. However, GP2 officials are saying that the real reason he is testing the car is to actually perform a shakedown on a 2011 car that will be used next season. Really though, this should not be seen a an advantage for Schumacher as anyone of the field can go out and rent a GP2 car if they want to. This would circumnavigate the regulations and not result in any penalties that could be incurred. Plus, a GP2 car, while still a very fast machine in its own right, is not even on the same planet in terms of performance that an F1 is, so I don’t think that Michael Schumacher in a GP2 car is all that amazing.

In other driver news, it has been reported, to probably no one’s surprise, that Nelson “not my fault for crashing” Piquet Jr. is not going to be in the F1 field next season. However, he is going to NASCAR, which, for the uninitiated, is chock full of crashes in just about every single lap of every race. How interesting will it be when he crashes for the first time, takes out half the field, and then his teammate goes on to win. Oh I can’t wait for that to happen, because the chances are sooo much better in NASCAR for that to actually come true. Please god, if you are up there, make me happy by making that happen. Amen. Signed, Josh.


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