Hamilton’s Jabs and Skipping Practice

In Formula One news, it is now known that Hamilton has been taking shots at Alonso, while some teams are actually skipping the first couple of days of testing in order to try and save some more money.

When Fernando Alonso first switched from Renault to McLaren in 2007, it sent shockwaves through the motor sport community. Not so much for the switch itself, but because he was paired with the sport’s first black driver in Lewis Hamilton. Of course, the fact that Hamilton was right on the pace with the two-time world champ didn’t help matters either. As the season progressed, it became clear that McLaren had a rising star on its hands. However, Alonso was keen to see Hamilton off and infamously stayed in his pit stall longer than he was supposed to, to keep Hamilton from actually setting a lap time that would have netted him pole position. This caused a giant rift within the team and the two have not been on very friendly terms ever since. It has now come out that Hamilton has been taking pot shots at Alonso by saying that he “blew away” Alonso during that season. However, if one simply looks at the points and the wins, they will see that both of the drivers had the exact same number of points and wins. How Hamilton blew Alonso away is anyone’s guess, though he certainly did do that at certain points during the season. But not the whole way through. To suggest otherwise is foolish and I can’t wait to see the Spaniard clean up Hamilton all year long with the exceptions being the first couple of races so he can learn the new car. As we saw this past season, even a seasoned veteran couldn’t come to grips with a car that he simply raced and didn’t practice with. But Alonso is a better driver than Fisichella any day, so I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

In other news, it seems that some teams, including Force India and Red Bull have said that they will skip the first test to concentrate on their cars and fine tune them in the wind tunnel. Really though, this is just a way to save money. They can claim whatever they want, but in the end, its all about the greenbacks. The Red Bull team doesn’t ever seem to be too concerned with the performance of their cars on the track, because they have a genius wind tunnel guy, and that is where they will make up most of their pace, so I sort of believe them more. But for Force India, I think they need to work on the fundamentals more because their car is really fast in a straight line, but just like many American muscle cars, they sort of suck when it comes to a corner. Who else is ready to get this thing under way? I know I am!


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