Bernie’s New Idea

What is up with Bernie and his hackneyed ideas as of late. In the last couple of years, he has suggested a medal system, all sorts of radical cost reductions, KERS and now he is suggesting that circuits have shortcuts put in. Did he really expect this idea to take off? Supposedly, this idea would benefit drivers who are stuck behind lapped traffic, so they could get out of the traffic and move forward with their race. Also, a driver could use this cut up to five times a race to gain track position. One of the main problems with this is that it would be unfeasible because of the rigorous safety standards that have been set in place by none other than Bernie! With the cockpits being so high and the mirrors being so small, it would take very little for a big accident to occur with drivers appearing out of nowhere onto a different part of the race track. Just imagine if some driver came onto the circuit at this new point while a driver who is a backmarker, but still involved in his own race, also converged on the same spot. If you have ever seen what happened to Alex Zanardi, then you have an idea of the sort of carnage that this could cause. Thankfully, everyone who is sane and level headed can see farther down the road than Bernie and has rejected this plan outright. I have been ranting about Bernie and his exploits now for over a year and a half and I have to say that this is one of the worst ideas that I have ever heard. I can’t believe that no one has told this old coot to go away already and let someone else take over F1. I know its a hard job and that he has been doing it for like 30 years or something, but there has to be a point where he looks himself in the mirror and says “Bernie old boy, you just don’t have it anymore.” For god’s sake, let that time be now.


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