USF1 Driver and More Points

Finally, an announcement has been made concerning the driving situation at USF1. It was recently confirmed that the Argentinian driver, Jose Maria Lopez will be driving for the squad. This is good news for those in doubt that the team would even make the grid. With the backing of a driver and the support and money of the country and government, Lopez is set to take on the world. However, hopes for him – at least in my opinion – cannot be too high. The reason for this is that he hasn’t raced in single seaters since 2006, and has since been tooling around in touring cars. This apparently isn’t that big of a deal to Peter Windsor, as he is probably looking at the upside of this guy being all the money he is bringing in. Testing is set to take place next month in America and, although the team won’t be able to compare their pace to the others that are testing (as they will all be in Europe) they will at least be able to get their car out and on track in the real world for everyone to see.

In other news, the points system keeps getting revised. Now the top two places are going to be split by seven points, with first receiving 25 and second 18. What this means is that with a bigger disparity between the two top finishers, there is more incentive to try and pass for the lead. As it stands now, the top two finishers are only separated by two points, and that doesn’t mean much from race to race. Now the person who is winning races will be well ahead of the other finishers. It will be odd though to see the point totals for a whole season reaching into the 200s or higher. But, if it means that the racing is spiced up, then I say it’s a great change.


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