Testing Times

The times are starting to roll in finally as testing is officially under way and at the top of the time sheets is none other than Felipe Massa. Now, I know that this testing stuff doesn’t really mean a whole lot right now, but it is good to see that he can compete and that the Ferrari is easy to drive. Or I guess I should say that the car is easier to drive than last year’s car, which was notorious for being a beast to handle for the drivers filling in for an injured Massa. He has been consistently at the top of the time sheets for the past two days and has said that the car has much more grip than last year’s, and that is probably down to the fact that the wheelbase of these cars has been increased to accommodate the larger fuel tanks (no refueling the car during pit stops this season). This is encouraging to see because as Felipe becomes more familiar with this car, he will only get faster. Fernando Alonso will take over testing duties for Felipe on Wednesday.

Speaking of getting faster, it seems the competition is up to the challenge thrown down by Massa. On Monday, Michael Schumacher was third fastest in the Mercedes, while today it was Lewis Hamilton in third position. Both of the drivers were very positive about their cars and are sure to be right on the pace at the start of the season. At this point, I am not too concerned about the pace of all the competitors, but I am interested to see what sort of times Alonso puts down on Wednesday with regards to the times that Massa did. If Massa is anything to go by, this new car should be a whole lot easier to adapt to and Alonso should be able to do that in no time.


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