Race Skipping

Well here’s a new one for ya. Did you know that any F1 team this season can sit out up to three races without being penalized? This was confirmed by Jean Todt, FIA president, after Bernie Ecclestone came out saying that he believed both Campos and USF1 may miss races this season. Frankly, I’m a little shocked that this rule exists, but when I stop to actually think about it, it makes more and more sense to do it this way. Not only does this allow some of the smaller teams to be able to run for an entire year without completely abandoning the sport, but it lets them save money in the process. Also, if they know they have that safety net, they don’t have to travel to the really really far away races and can concentrate on getting to the major ones that they want to. For instance, they can sit out of China and Malaysia or even Australia to keep flight and team costs to a minimum. As much as I would still love to see all of the teams competing at every race, I know that not everyone has the funds to make the grid all the time.


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