A New Look for Silverstone

The Silverstone circuit is going to get the green light to go ahead and lengthen the track by using the “Arena Complex” loop that was originally installed for the MotoGP series. This new loop is said to add better viewing for spectators while improving the racing. Not only that, but it will also add 760 meters to an already long track. The main problem with this new section of track is that it will completely pass up the Abbey Chicane, Bridge corner and the slow left-hand turn at Priory. So now the drivers will take a right at Abbey instead of the normal left and will use the back straight from the National Circuit to eventually connect with the normal track again. This lengthening is said to add four seconds to a normal lap time. While that may not seem like much, if you add four seconds to every lap, the race is going to be shorter lap wise because of the time constraints. So even though there is more track to race on, the race itself will be shorter – lap wise – and the drivers will have to make their moves sooner than they would normally do.

So the question now becomes how well will this work out for the spectators and television audiences? It seems like any time anyone has attempted to update or change an old circuit to make it more modern, the results are always mixed. When they re-profiled the bus stop chicane at Spa, everyone spoke of how much better it used to be. I’m anxious to see the new look lap and to hear what the drivers and teams think about it. Should be interesting to say the least.


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