Monday update

So now they have changed the rules on me again. Go figure. Today the FIA has stated that any teams who skip races could be subject to some form of punishment. If you read my blog this week (then kudos to you) you will have read that I thought this was actually a good idea for F1. But apparently the FIA has now come out saying that teams will be breaking their contractual obligations if they end up skipping races. If they could just make up their minds on this, it would really help me out. Whatever they choose, it will probably be in favor of keeping the teams from skipping races and, if they do, handing out Draconian penalties afterward.

In other news, team Lotus has unveiled their car and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. The car looks great in green and yellow and is very striking. The color scheme is nice because it looks like nothing else on the grid and that is refreshing. Will it go as well as it looks? Of course it won’t, but it will be one of the better looking back markers.


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