Merging Stefan GP and USF1?

In a move that could end up working out well for both parties to get on the grid in Bahrain, it has been rumored that Stefan GP and USF1 could merge. This would combine their assets and their teams, allowing them to both end up on the grid for the start of the F1 season, but not as separated entities. It seems that both teams are currently in talks right now, but Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor, USF1 chiefs, are opposed to the merger right now. There are a lot of factors right now, including YouTube founder Chad Hurley wanting to run Stefan GP’s cars under the USF1 entry. Stefan GP bought out Toyota’s F1 cars earlier this off season and they are set up and ready to go for the most part, but the racing experience of the USF1 crew would be a great thing to add to their team. Normally these things don’t work out all that well for either party, but if I had to guess, I would think that wherever the money goes, that is where the teams will go as well. In this case, whatever YouTube wants, YouTube will get.


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