Bahrain GP This Weekend

Well, it is finally upon us. The start of a brand new, and hopefully very exciting, new Formula One season. This year sees many new faces coming into the sport, as well as some familiar old ones. The main battles will, of course, be between the red cars and the silver ones, but now there will also be a dark blue car trying to make an even bigger name for itself. Also new this season is the opening track. While it is not actually a new track, it is not the normal Australia that many F1 fans have come to expect as the opening round. So instead of the down under sun, the drivers will be dealing with intense heat and high speeds right out of the gate. This means that it isn’t just the car that has to work well; the driver does as well. Predictions? Well, at this point, it’s too hard to tell without anyone having actually raced against anyone else, but I would think that the Ferraris and the McLarens will be fastest, followed by the Mercedes and Red Bull teams. But, as most F1 fans know, they should come to expect the unexpected from the opening few rounds. Don’t expect any less than that come this weekend.


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