Race One: Bahrain

With just a little bit of Italian luck on his side, it was Fernando Alonso who took the first win of the season in the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday. The race looked to be won by Sebastian Vettel, who sat on pole and was dominating the race. However, as the race reached the mid point, his engine started to sound a bit flat. It was heard over the radio that he had a problem and was losing power on the straights. Turns out that his exhaust header broke and the leak that ensued was making his engine lose power. Because the two Ferraris of Alonso and Felipe Massa managed to keep on his tail throughout the first part of the race, they easily passed him and went on to finish one-two. Meanwhile, Vettel was losing enough ground that he eventually wound up fourth and it was Lewis Hamilton who took the third spot on the podium. All in all, a good result for Ferrari. But, as usual, the race itself was pretty boring and did see too much action going on. This is mostly because of the aero packages the teams run, and also because they now run with very heavy fuel loads for most of the race and need to really look after the tires much better. The next race in Australia is a low downforce affair that will hopefully result in more passing and a better race all around. Stay tuned for that in two weeks time.


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