Race Four: Chinese Grand Prix

For the third week in a row, rain showed up at an F1 race and changed the dynamic of the whole affair. It started off with a jumped start (the first one in a long long time) and ended with the season seeing the first repeat winner so far.

With the rain trickling from the skies, all the runners started on slicks, and Fernando Alonso got a jump on the field by timing the lights a fraction of a hair too early. He was given a drive through penalty later on, yet still managed to finish the race in fourth place. When the rain did come, it was Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg who dived into the pits early and reaped the benefits. Much like in Australia, Jenson became the winner off of spectacularly good timing (not to mention his smooth driving style). The worst drives of the day have to go to the Red Bull drivers, who went from being one-two on the grid, to finishing in sixth and eighth. Rain does mysterious things and I do like it when it happens as the racing it provides is much more exciting and you get to see drivers at their best and worst.

So, the question is, how did I do this week? Here are the top ten finishers of the Chinese Grand Prix against my predictions of what would happen.

1. Jenson Button

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Nico Rosberg

4. Fernando Alonso

5. Robert Kubica

6. Sebastian Vettel

7. Vitaly Petrov

8. Mark Webber

9. Felipe Massa

10. Michael Schumacher

My predictions for the race were this:

1. Felipe Massa

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Sebastian Vettel

4. Nico Rosberg

5. Mark Webber

6. Fernando Alonso

7. Adrian Sutil

8. Robert Kubica

9. Michael Schumacher

10.Jenson Button

So it turns out that I was waaaaay off about Button, but I actually got Lewis right and wasn’t that far off with the rest of the order. I’m don’t know whether to be surprised or not though. On one hand, I’m getting better at picking these points scorers, but on the other hand the top 10 is getting really predictable. Pretty much every week it seems like I could just scramble these 10 names and get most of them in the points (barring some huge accident or something). And now the teams are waiting to leave China for mainland Europe, but are stuck for a bit because of the volcano that erupted in Iceland. The next race is in Barcelona, a track that almost all of the teams know very well because that is where they test in the winter. I have been to this track and can say that it should make for a very entertaining race in three weeks time.


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