Race Five: Spain

With Mark Webber dominating from the start, the Spanish Grand Prix was a somewhat boring affair that saw little overtaking and a very strung out race. However, there were some decent moments in the race that made it not quite the ultra bore that Bahrain was, but overall, it pales in comparison to some of the other races this year that have been in the wet. Here are the results and, as always, they will be compared to how I saw this weekend working out.

  1. Mark Webber
  2. Fernando Alonso
  3. Sebastian Vettel
  4. Michael Schumacher
  5. Jenson Button
  6. Felipe Massa
  7. Adrian Sutil
  8. Robert Kubica
  9. Rubens Barrichello
  10. Jaime Alguersuari

Here is how I predicted it would turn out:

1. Fernando Alonso – a home GP in a Ferrari? I’m calling victory and a raucous crowd.

2. Sebastian Vettel

3. Lewis Hamilton

4. Felipe Massa

5. Mark Webber

6. Michael Schumacher

7. Nico Rosberg

8. Robert Kubica

9. Jenson Button

10. Adrian Sutil

Not horribly bad, but with Lewis crashing out just before the end and Nico nowhere to be found the entire weekend, I had a few wrong. I got Kubica pegged though! When I visited Barcelona last year, my father and I also drove to where the teams are going next, Monaco. The crown jewel of the Formula One season. This is the race that every driver on the grid hopes to win. Even if you don’t win the championship, winning at Monaco is something akin to winning a small one. This year, there will be additional concerns because of the sheer number of cars in the principality and how slow the back markers are this season. We saw in Barcelona that if a back marker gets in the way of one of the faster cars, they really have to make an effort to slow down or an accident could be imminent. I will have more on Monaco as the week progresses, including my travelogue of the principality and some pictures of how the track looks when there is regular traffic on it. Practice is on Thursday this week and Friday is a quiet day, so I will post that up again on that day. It should be quite the race and I am anxious to see the beauty of that place again as the cars go charging through the streets and rattle every window in town.


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