Everything is Bigger in Texas, Right?

Texas? Really? Who in their right mind thinks this will work? Oh yeah… Bernie Ecclestone.

Let me just get this straight and see if I have all the facts before moving on here and believing any of the hype. First off, Texas is almost the heart of NASCAR country. What this means is that there will hundreds of thousands of people down there who have no idea what in tarnation a freakin’ Formula One car is. Also, what the heck is a right turn? I really cannot see this happening for a few reasons.

  1. Apparently, everything is bigger in Texas; including promoters mouths. For instance, they are proposing to build a track specifically for Formula One, in a place where no one cares about it because they can see their good ol’ Southern boys turn left every weekend. Also, they are saying that this will be located “10 miles” from the Austin airport. Now, granted, there is a lot of open space to the south and the west of the airport, but there are no major highways located anywhere near there. Austin only has one major highway running through it and that runs parallel to the airport, not directly by it. So unless the promoters want a Silverstone size traffic jam on their hands, they will have to figure that one out quickly. Also, according to most sources, to build a track dedicated to Formula One will cost between $200 and $300 million dollars and no one knows where this Texas race promoter is going to get that money. There was never any talk of where this financing will come from or who would be financing it if the money did surface. Surely the city would never go for financing it.
  2. Its FREAKING HOT! Remember how in June and July the earth gets closer to the sun? Yeah, well in Texas during that time of year, the whole state feels like its under a magnifying glass. It is atrociously hot. The average temperature in June is 91, while in July it is 95. This means that it gets hotter than that at some point. And let’s not forget the humidity. Hot and sticky is no fun for either race fans or the racers or the cars. And you can’t really count on it raining every night like it does in Malaysia and Singapore, because it just isn’t that way down there. Brutal.
  3. Again, I have to ask; TEXAS!? Rodeos, NASCAR and cowboy hats. Not polo, Formula One and berets.

Personally, if Formula One wants to get along little doggies and make inroads with this country and its people, it has to be in either California or New York. California because it would make more sense on the West Coast (though there you have the whole problem of hippies and additional laws and all sorts of environmental wakkos), while New York makes sense because it is temperate, close to the Canadian Grand Prix and isn’t such a long haul flying wise for the teams. Texas, while less concerned with environmental affairs and more with money and being “BIG” is too hot, too NASCAR and far too entrenched in that good ol’ boy southern standard to effectively hold an F1 race. I wholeheartedly disagree with this, and the people and officials of Austin should soon see this as well. I believe the only reason that Bernie is even looking here is the power of the dollar signs that were flashed in front of him. But if he just takes his head out of his own ass for more than two seconds, he would see that this can never really work. I can’t see this ever working, but I have been wrong before. On this one though, I am fairly certain that I will be proven correct. Oh, also, this track is supposed to be completed in time for the 2012 season. Yeah. Good luck with that one.


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