Grand Prix of Turkey Predictions

As is my somewhat tradition, I will once again be trying to pick the top 10 spots for the Turkish Grand Prix on Sunday. This one isn’t going to be too hard for me to pick I don’t think. Realistically, no matter what anyone says, I don’t see anyone out the catching the Red Bulls. Now it just comes down to which one of them is going to take the checkered flag?

1.Sebastian Vettel

2.Mark Webber

3.Lewis Hamilton

4.Felipe Massa

5.Fernando Alonso

6.Jenson Button

7.Nico Rosberg

8.Adrian Sutil

9.Michael Schumacher

10.Robert Kubica

Yes, once again it is the normal people in the top 10, but because this race won’t feature too many dramatic happenings (unless an engine goes BANG) I think it will be a parade to the finish. I put Felipe ahead of Alonso for a couple of reasons. The first being that he loves this track and turn eight especially. Second, because of the comments and rumors flying around earlier in the week, about his seat at Ferrari not being secure for next season, he is going to try very hard to make sure he outperforms Fernando and shows some speed. For sure (to used his old standby) he will be very quick and should be fast once he gets his tires sorted out.


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