Race Seven: Turkey

In what can only be described as a “very idiotic and stupidly moronic racing accident” the Red Bull team saw themselves lose out on the top two steps of the podium because the teammates ran into each other. This was unfortunate for the team, but gave us F1 fans a much needed boost to the season. This past Sunday saw the Formula One circus head to the Hermann Tilke designed Turkish Grand Prix circuit in Istanbul. The big story all during the race, up until lap 41, was how quickly the Red Bulls and McLarens were going. Both teams were stretching their legs and running away with the race. So far ahead were they, that all four of them could have comfortably stopped in the pits and still come out in front of fifth place Michael Schumacher. And one of them would have to test that, because on lap 41, diving down toward turn 12, the fastest part of the track, Sebastian Vettel decided to have a go at his teammate and race leader, Mark Webber. However, as he closed up and got to the inside of Webber, he seems to have made a deliberate juke to the right – directly into Webber’s sidepod. This move destroyed Vettel’s rear suspension and sent Webber into a spin. Vettel’s race was over and Webber had to charge around the track and get a new nose on the next lap. This move was one of the worst decisions I have ever seen in Formula One. I can see if two cars take each other out, but for teammates to do it, it is inexcusable.

This move gave the McLarens of Lewis Hamilton (Lucky Lewis again?) and Jenson Button the one-two that Red Bull thought they had in hand. However, they started dicing themselves only a few laps later, and ended up bumping each other as well! Lucky for them, they did not do more damage to their cars or it may have been a spectacularly weird day. People are now really starting to talk about a rift forming in the Red Bull squad, and I don’t doubt there are some hot heads right now, but the team has to be a team and continue forward. Each person has to take some responsibility and simply move on to Canada. So then, on to the top ten finishers and how my picks stacked up this week.

1.Lewis Hamilton

2.Jenson Button

3.Mark Webber

4.Michael Schumacher

5.Nico Rosberg

6.Robert Kubica

7.Felipe Massa

8.Fernando Alonso

9.Adrian Sutil

10.Kamui Kobayashi

I did correctly predict that Massa would outpace Alonso, but that seemed to all be down to a poor qualifying performance on Alonsos part. If he would have gotten into Q3, I thoroughly believe he would have trounced Massa. Something needs to get right in Massas head I think. He isn’t performing like he used to.

1.Sebastian Vettel

2.Mark Webber

3.Lewis Hamilton

4.Felipe Massa

5.Fernando Alonso

6.Jenson Button

7.Nico Rosberg

8.Adrian Sutil

9.Michael Schumacher

10.Robert Kubica

So, I called the one-two, and got desperately close to it actually happening. If Vettel would have pulled the move off, I would have actually had the top three exactly right! And if not for Vettel being the only one out, I would have had all of the guys in the top 10 correct, but Kobayashi snuck in there as a result of Vettel’s hotheadedness. In two weeks, the racing takes place on an island in Montreal. It will be hot, crowded and a fantastic race as always. Be sure to watch for a lot of safety car action because of tons of accidents. Seriously, Canada always provides some of the most compelling racing of the season, and I see no reason why this year will be any different. Be there in two weeks time for all the action that Montreal can, and will, provide.


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