Big Race Weekend

Well, it should be a busy weekend for racing huh? First off, we have the Canadian Grand Prix, which sees the Formula One circus returning to North America after a year off. The race always provides epic racing, entertaining overtaking maneuvers and some very surprising winners. The last two times this race was run, the winners were Robert Kubica and Lewis Hamilton. For both it was their first ever wins in the sport. Supposedly the weather forecast is for rain during qualifying and a slight chance for the race itself. If nothing else, this should provide ample entertainment and shuffle up the order of the starting grid.

The other big race going on this weekend is, of course, Le Mans. I don’t really follow this race like I probably should, but this year, like just about every other year, the battle at the front will be between Audi and Peugeot in their diesel powered prototype cars. Eerily quiet and devastatingly fast, these two manufacturers really seem to have it in for each other during this weekend of the year. At any other time, the two would never really come into contact as they are in different brackets for car sales. Either way, it should be an entertaining 24 hours of racing.

Friday will feature my usual guesses and then next week I will have a rundown of the Canadian race, plus a little bit on Le Mans and the winners there and if anything huge happened in France or not. Something big usually happens in both races, so we shall see.


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