Canadian GP Predictions

I think this may be a hard race to predict this weekend, mainly because there was so much difference between the first and second practice times. In the first practice, Button was way out front, but during second practice, he fell back to 11th and Vettel moved into the first spot. I am confused and flabbergasted and all sorts of other odd emotions. But, I will valiantly press on and try to predict what will most likely turn out to be a very unpredictable and epic race.

1.Jenson Button

2.Sebastian Vettel

3.Lewis Hamilton

4.Fernando Alonso

5.Mark Webber

6.Felipe Massa

7.Adrian Sutil

8.Michael Schumacher

9.Nico Rosberg

10.Robert Kubica

This one really is tough to call though because there are so many variables. Not only is the track graining all the tires on all the cars, but there are some seriously fast cars that haven’t really shown their hands (like the McLarens supposedly). I also would love to have the Ferraris gain some real points, but I just can’t ever put them up that high, as their race pace seems to be really lacking compared to the other teams, especially Red Bull and McLaren, and even to a certain extent, the Mercedes and the Renaults. Plus, everyone knows that Canada is one of the most safety car heavy races on the calendar and it will mess all the results up. Really, what I have here, is a shotgun blast of names, and hopefully some of them will fall correctly. This should be quite the race… or it had better be.


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