European Grand Prix Predictions

I think this weekend’s race will see the normal batch of people heading to the top once again. Valencia is a track that doesn’t really put on a good show normally, and whoever qualifies at the front, usually remains there. For this reason, it is vital to put in a quality qualifying lap. I think that none of the front runners has showed their true pace, but Alonso always likes to perform well in front of his home Spaniards, and the raft of changes to the F10 seems to have made it work better for him. Whether or not he gets the win, I don’t know (though I am predicting him for it), but I think he will be up front at any rate. Here is my finishing order:

1. Fernando Alonso

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Mark Webber

4. Felipe Massa

5. Sebastian Vettel

6. Jenson Button

7. Nico Rosberg

8. Robert Kubica

9. Adrian Sutil

10. Michael Schumacher


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