“Lucky” Lewis

See. SEE! I knew that my nickname for Lewis Hamilton was apt. Even Flav “The Race Fixer” Briatore is with me on this one. Not that that is such great company to be in, but at least someone agrees with me. This is his exact quote – “Passing the safety car is more like a black flag penalty. Hamilton is lucky – everything he does turns out well.” Did you read that last part??!! Hamilton is LUCKY! It’s right there for all to see. I gave Lewis that nickname a few years ago and I am now vindicated. I win. I get 60 bazillion points (and that’s down from the 100 bazillion I was going to give myself, but because its associated with the Flavinator, I held back and discounted many of those points because they were probably going to be taken away from me anyway simply because of the association).

So now my question becomes, why do the wheels of justice in Formula One only begin to turn because of “Lucky” Lewis? Take for instance all of the times he should have been penalized (according to the rules that are in place for all to read), only to be given a slap on the wrist, and then the rules committee sits down and talks it over. For instance, this last race. Passing the safety car. Now its being talked about. And earlier this year, he was involved in weaving on the track, only to get no penalty and then have those actions discussed. Also this year, he cut into the pit lane at the last moment and also was involved in racing down the pit lane as well and has been seen blocking other racers on their qualifying laps! Then he stopped on the track in Canada after running out of fuel in qualifying. Did he get any sort of penalties that would have hindered him in the race, where it actually counts? Hell no. Then, there are the times he just plain lucks out as well. For instance, when Webber and Vettel collided, who was there to pick up the win? Lewis.

I can almost guarantee that Lewis will do something at the next race at Silverstone, only to get away with it and have the stewards look at it later and decide that it was nothing really. Just Lewis being Lewis (uppity conceited snobby British chortling ensues). It always happens. He has been penalized before of course, but whenever it happens, there is such a backlash from the public that maybe the FIA has said privately: “Let’s not keep on this kid huh? He seems like a right ol’ chap.” Then they totally had tea and strumpets and did a maypole dance and ate bangers and mash followed by spotted dick – and not the dessert.

Flavio Briatore

The Flavinator

P.S. Yes I know the FIA is French, but just let me have this one huh? The frogs have been made enough fun of and would probably just give up altogether after one more jab.


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