Jumping The Gun Did We?

Well, well and more well. I’m not going to say “I told you so” just yet, but it seems as though Bernie let the cat out of the bag a little prematurely. The surprise announcement in May of the US GP coming to Austin, Texas was actually a complete surprise to the people behind the project as well! the lawyer for the project recently told an Austin newspaper that they “had no idea it was coming, and it started a firestorm.” Personally, this just seems like another attempt from Bernie to drum up some attention to a race that will, most likely, never be run. The whole idea of actually building a new racetrack specifically for F1 on American soil is such a long shot, that it wouldn’t ever seem to be a viable option. And because Bernie always needs to be making headlines, he probably saw it as an opportunity to release some sort of news before it was really ready to be released. So now Tavo Hellmund, the race promoter, and the Texas state comptroller will be attending the British Grand Prix. I would guess this would be because they have no actual clue as to how an actual Grand Prix works (well Tavo does). But there are some heavy logistics that need to be figured out, not the least of which is still how to get the traffic into and out of the race track area. Needless to say that this Austin GP is still under some heavy scrutiny and skepticism and this new info that Bernie basically blurted something out before it was ready to be blurted doesn’t shed a good light in my eyes. Also, let’s not forget that this race is supposedly going to happen in less than two years time, and people are still talking about preliminary details. I would like to bring up an example of typical America work speed at this point. In my hometown, there is a bridge that connects one side of a river to the other. It has been under constant construction for OVER SEVEN YEARS!! And it still isn’t finished. I see no way that this track gets greenlighted, or even finished, unless a million Chinese day laborers are hired at super low wages. I will believe that the US GP is for real when I see a finished race track and cars doing hot laps.

In other news, I hit 300,000 visitors today! Thanks to all who have visited this site, and keep coming back for more.


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