British Grand Prix Predictions

The first two practice sessions are now over for the British Grand Prix, and topping both sessions, unsurprisingly, were the Red Bulls. Vettel was fastest in the morning, while Webber took the top spot in the afternoon. Ferrari looked to be on form in the afternoon session, while the McLarens looked to be off the pace. However, as usual, these sessions really don’t tell the whole story and I think the McLarens are definitely holding back. They have the grunt, the F-duct and their new blown diffuser on a circuit that is one of the fastest out there. They will have something to say in both qualifying and the race for sure. As of right now, it looks like the two two powers in Formula One are Red Bull and McLaren, with Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault following them up. Because of this, my results are going to reflect that.

1. Lewis Hamilton – after last year’s disappointing race, I look for “lucky” to take the win, and possibly even pole as well (the first for anything other than a Red Bull) in front of his home crowd

2. Sebastian Vettel

3. Fernando Alonso

4. Jenson Button

5. Felipe Massa

6. Mark Webber

7. Micheal Schumacher

8. Adrian Sutil

9. Nico Rosberg

10. Robert Kubica

This is one of those races that is sort of predictable up front, but in the lower half of the top ten, there are now many cars that can vie for those points positions. At the beginning of the year, this would have been almost a lock for what the top ten would look like, but now, those lower positions are total guesswork.

However, I know that I don’t have to include Bruno Senna in there, because he has been taken out for this race. His replacement? Sakon Yamamoto. Yes, you read that correctly, the man who David Hobbs repeatedly has said should not be driving anywhere near a Formula One car, not even next to the track when a race is going on as his aura will send out bad crash vibes to all the other competitors. His race history is peppered with accidents, mistakes and generally bad driving behavior. As a bonus, my prediction for him? Look for some sort of accident during the race, and for Hobbs-y boy to get on him yet again… and deservedly so. Supposedly Senna will be back in the car for the next race, but this is sort of an odd development to say the least. While you wait for the race, here are some pictures of Sakon crashing his Spyker into the back of Giancarlo Fisichella’s Renault.






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