Race Ten: Great Britain

A furious and determined Mark Webber utterly demolished the competition as he stormed to victory in Britain. His only competition all day was from Hamilton, but even he couldn’t match the outright pace of the Red Bull and finished a distant second. Nico Rosberg drove a fairly quiet race to end up third, while Jenson Button drove his butt off to come from 14th on the grid to finish fourth. One of the best drives has to his, but the other I would nominate would be Vettel. After puncturing his tire on the first corner of the first lap, he was last place for most of the race, only to come storming back due to a safety car to finish seventh. A very good drive from the young German.

And, if you have noticed neither Ferrari up there and were wondering what happened to them, well, Massa suffered a puncture on lap one and was uncompetitive the rest of the race, and the stewards saw fit to drop a penalty on Alonso (when it could have been argued either way seeing as he had the inside line on Kubica and was then forced over the curbs), which meant a drive through and a trip down the leader board. This was exacerbated further by the fact that those same stewards saw fit to penalize him during a safety car period, meaning he had to wait until the pits reopened to serve his penalty, and he wound up in last place. The fact of the matter is that it should not take that many laps – and in an uneventful race as well – to come up with a penalty for a minor infraction. Either get your act together and review it right away, or not at all. Plus, Kubica then went out of the race with a blown engine or something so Alonso couldn’t just give the position back at that time so they saw fit to go with a penalty that did not fit the crime, and did so at a completely inappropriate time in the race. Considering that Hamilton made an even worse move in Valencia (by passing the safety car), only to be given what amounted to a slap on the wrist, while Ferrari again suffered there as well, only goes to show me that everyone wants Ferrari to lose. Personally, I think its a big conspiracy against the Italian team. Frankly, I stopped watching the race at that point and simply had it on while I went ahead and played Dragon Quest IX!

1. Mark Webber

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Nico Rosberg

4. Jenson Button

5. Rubens Barrichello

6. Kamui Kobayashi

7. Sebastian Vettel

8. Adrian Sutil

9. Michael Schumacher

10. Nico Hulkenberg

As for my pics, they were OK, but I got screwed by the stewards and by Kubica blowing up. I did correctly predict both Sutil and Button though! And I got very close on Lewis. Oh, and as for Yamamoto? Well, I didn’t hear his name for the entire race, meaning he did nothing to screw up anyone else, which is a good thing.

1. Lewis Hamilton – after last year’s disappointing race, I look for “lucky” to take the win, and possibly even pole as well (the first for anything other than a Red Bull) in front of his home crowd

2. Sebastian Vettel

3. Fernando Alonso

4. Jenson Button

5. Felipe Massa

6. Mark Webber

7. Micheal Schumacher

8. Adrian Sutil

9. Nico Rosberg

10. Robert Kubica

Hockenheim is up next in two weeks time. Stay tuned for that, and a review of Top Gear soon.


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