Really? F1 Without Monaco? What is Bernie Smoking Now?

Why? Why is Bernie still in charge? He must be the only person on the planet who can’t see that he is a complete and utter idiot. I mean, Formula One without Monaco?! He must be off his meds even more than usual to be spouting that sort of crap. That race is the “crown jewel” of the Formula One calendar and not having it would be a blow to the whole sport. And the only reason that Monaco doesn’t pay to play is that they have it in their contract that they don’t have to use Bernie’s monopoly to broadcast the race. Otherwise they totally would have to pay in, and it must be that Bernie maybe needs more cash (however that may be considering he is a multi-multi-millionaire. And yes, the race cap is at 20 a year, but so what? I’ll tell you which you can get rid of: Valencia, Turkey and possibly China as well. These events are boring, underattended and in some cases – like China – hated by the teams. Leave Monaco, get a USGP that is real, and stop with Russia, another Italy and for godsakes DO NOT go to India! Here is the article for those who want to try and figure out Bernie’s logic… although no one can. Not even he.

Bernie Ecclestone

Not even Mick Jagger can comprehend Bernie's insanity.


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