German Grand Prix Predictions

Another week of Formula One racing is upon us and as always, the grid is going to be very close and the finishing order is going to be a crapshoot. I say that based on the weather right now in Germany. The teams are at the Hockenheim circuit, which is a cool track out in the heavily forested area south of Frankfurt. This is another one of the F1 tracks that I have visited (hell, I even stayed in the hotel right at the track!), and although it is but a shadow of its former self, it will still have some very frantic action for all of the viewers who tune in. Its good to see the Ferraris back in the mix, as there will now be a three way battle for the podium. This week, I like them to bounce back after a shaky few races, and my prediction will show that. As always though, the Friday pace really means nothing, especially as there were heavy rains during both sessions and the track is probably going to be fairly greasy for the qualifying sessions. Whoever can make the super soft option tires work the best for them over one flying lap is going to be on pole, and I do believe it WON’T be a Red Bull! (but I have made that prediction before and been wrong).

1. Fernando Alonso

2. Sebastian Vettel

3. Lewis Hamilton

4. Felipe Massa

5. Micheal Schumacher

6. Mark Webber

7. Jenson Button

8. Robert Kubica

9. Nico Rosberg

10. Adrian Sutil

There are so many German drivers in the field, that there really could be four of them in the top ten spots! And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that were to happen. Also, be on the listenout for coded team transmissions, as all of the transmissions between the drivers and the pits are now open for everyone to hear!


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