Race 11: German Grand Prix

Well, we all saw it and heard it plain as day, but what was your thoughts on the German Grand Prix? Obviously, I am going to tell you mine, but before I do, let me run down the race. At the start, it was Felipe Massa taking the lead easily from both Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso as they both tried to lock each other in automotive combat. As the lights went out, Vettel sliced across the track and almost put Alonso into the pit wall, leaving a wide open view and track for Massa to take advantage of. And he did just that. After the first corner it was Massa, followed by Alonso and then Vettel. From there on out, the race became strung out, but the most controversial call of the season was still to come.

With only a handful of laps left, it was Massa out in front of Alonso. However, since Alonso is higher up in the championship, and the team wants the ultimate result from every race, they basically told Massa to yield the position to Alonso so that he could take the win and score the maximum number of points. This took place in a fairly obvious way, as both of the Ferraris came out of the hairpin and Massa visibly pulled over and slowed to allow Alonso to pass. As the rules specifically prohibit team orders, this drew the ire of the FIA, who fined the team $100,000 and may call them in front of the sanctioning body. Whether they will face more penalties remains to be seen, but it was really blatant and it didn’t help that the rule was brought into the sport specifically because of Ferrari pulling stunts like this in the past with Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello. So for them to go out and still do this thing is a bit over the top and embarrassing, but it simply had to be done in their minds. They will try and justify it by saying that Alonso had the faster car on track, but it still doesn’t excuse the way in which they told Massa to simply let him by. I hate the move, but I like Massa for making it so public in what he was doing because I know for a fact he was super pissed off by the call. All you have to do is read his transcript from the post-race interview to know how he felt. Its the result that Ferrari needed, but not the way they should have gone about doing it. Anyway, here are the results.

1. Fernando Alonso

2. Felipe Massa

3. Sebastian Vettel

4. Lewis Hamilton

5. Jenson Button

6. Mark Webber

7. Robert Kubica

8. Nico Rosberg

9. Michael Schumacher

10. Vitaly Petrov

So, as you can see from my original predictions, I actually called the winner for the race! Webber also finished where I predicted he would, and, actually, the only difference in my standings is tenth place. Vitaly Petrov instead of Adrian Sutil (whose team had a horrible weekend). Otherwise, everyone I thought would be in the top ten, was! How great is that? That hasn’t happened for a while. I actually surprised myself this time. Good show. Now let’s hope that I can continue my streak next week – yes, next week already! – at the Hungaroring in Hungary.

1. Fernando Alonso

2. Sebastian Vettel

3. Lewis Hamilton

4. Felipe Massa

5. Micheal Schumacher

6. Mark Webber

7. Jenson Button

8. Robert Kubica

9. Nico Rosberg

10. Adrian Sutil


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