US Grand Prix Site Detailed

And it has been revealed! The future home of the US GP (although I am still skeptical about the whole thing) has been shown to be to the southeast of the Austin airport. I have included some maps of the vicinity and some links to some articles.

It has also been revealed that one of the major backers of the project is Red McCombs. I live in Minnesota, so have first hand knowledge of how this dude works. He owned the Minnesota Vikings for a long time, and in his tenure, the team was an abysmal failure almost every season! I am not happy seeing his name behind this project and I am still not believing anything until I see ground being broken or some sketches or something else other than talk. These people have less than two years to finance, build and run a full fledged Formula One circuit. Maybe if it were three years out sure, but less than two years for everything to be designed, built and then passed by the FIA? Excuse me if I’m still skeptical.

Then there is the fact that the track is being designed by the one, the only, Herman Tilke. Or, to put it another way, the man responsible for some of the most boring race tracks ever conceived. If this goes through, there will be some flowing sections that the drivers like, a straight or two and maybe one or two places to pass. In other words, not a great show for the people… which, the last time I checked, was exactly the aim of the “New F1.” If people cannot get excited about this, then it doesn’t matter if the contract is for 10 years or not, because people will just stop coming. And the only person who actually benefits from that scenario? Bernie Ecclestone. Go figure.

I think its also worth a look at some of the comments from the newspaper article attached if you have the time. Interesting to see just what people are thinking and how much crap is coming out of people’s mouths.

Future F1 Site Revealed

Austin Reveals Site and Principal Backer

Austin F1 Track Location Revealed

Austin F1 Location

US GP Proposed Location




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