The Stig Phenomenon

There are few things as universally cool as The Stig. If you think you are a car guy, and have no clue who The Stig is, then you are lying to yourself and should have your fake title stripped from you unceremoniously before a jury of your so-called peers! But check out Jenson Button’s tshirt he was spotted sporting and tell me that’s not cool! Its awesome to see that even some F1 drivers can go around wearing shirts that don’t have designer labels on them, and that normals can actually afford as well (for instance I own two Top Gear tshirts). Of course, the shirt is also correct, as his time of 1:44.7 was slower than The Stig’s 1:44.4. Although, if you remember correctly, it was his appearance on the show that also resulted in his winning his first ever F1 race in Hungary. I guess The Stig really does have some powers, even on F1 drivers.

Jenson Button

Jenson Button sporting a Stig tshirt


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