All We Know Is….

He is still called “the Stig.” Of course, no one really knows who he is in real life, but all that may change if he gets his way. Apparently, Stiggy is working on an autobiography, which most likely will result in the reveal of the man behind the helmet. The problem here is that this has happened before. In 2003, Perry McCarthy revealed that he was the original, black-suited Stig, and was subsequently killed off from the program. If, in fact, the white Stig does go through with it and releases an autobiography that included human language, will he also be killed off of the show? Most probably yes. So why now? It all has to do with money. It seems that Stiggy does have a use for the green stuff, and doesn’t get paid enough of it. His flat fee does not have any riders for side profits from sales of his likeness (which would be huge) and so he is in a battle with the BBC to try and add more funds to his bank account. Because this is currently one of the most closely guarded secrets in all the world – there could be up to four separate Stigs – the BBC is trying to block the autobiography so as not to lose some of the appeal of the most watched motoring show on the planet. Will the actual person behind the mask be revealed? Only time will tell.

The Stig

All we know is... he's called The Stig!


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