Another Austin Hurdle

Well, this is one of the big concerns that I had for the proposed US Grand Prix. Traffic is going to be a big factor in making this thing actually fly. If the organizers want the race to go off without a hitch (and not turn into the US version Silverstone based on traffic) they are essentially going to have to build a new highway system, or widen the one that is in place already. However, the Travis County planners have said that the widening of the lanes and making other improvements would not be completed by the proposed race date of 2012, even if they began work now. This all stems from people wanting to jump the gun and get a race underway in this country as soon as possible, despite the fact that they failed to actually study the traffic requirements and problems that an event like this will undoubtedly bring about. And, as usual, there are also concerns as to who will foot the bill for all these new things. The saga, it seems, will continue for now, and I am still very much in doubt of this US GP taking place in Austin, Texas by 2012. Click this link for more.


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