Race 15: Singapore

Under the bright lights of Singapore, the Formula One championship got a lot more heated. Fernando Alonso held off a hard charging Sebastian Vettel to inch closer to points leader Mark Webber. The Ferrari man stayed in the lead from pole position to secure 25 points and is now only 11 points behind the Australian. The top five in the championship are covered by just one win (25 points) with only four races left to be run. This will be another year that comes right down to the wire and the fight over the next few weeks is going to be intensely physical and psychological. And when it comes to the latter aspect, Alonso should almost have this thing wrapped up. He is the only two-time world champ of the top five. Both Vettel and Webber have never tasted the title glory, while Hamilton and Button are seemingly too inconsistent right now. As with most things F1 though, it is way too hard to call a victor for this season, but with Suzuka, Korea (possibly), Brazil and Abu Dhabi still left to run, there are 100 points up in the air still. It is still any one of the top five’s to win or lose in the final few weeks. Here is the finishing order of the Singapore GP.

1. Fernando Alonso

2. Sebastian Vettel

3. Mark Webber

4. Jenson Button

5. Nico Rosberg

6. Rubens Barrichello

7. Robert Kubica

8. Felipe Massa

9. Adrian Sutil

10. Nico Hulkenberg

And how close was I? Admittedly, I did not see Alonso taking pole, or going on to win this race. Vettel looked to be the lock all practice long and so I tipped his Red Bull to storm away from the pack (just one of the many curses of only predicting a race based on Friday practice times). But Alonso is a pro for a reason and when it comes down to it, he is more experienced and knows how to handle the pressure and put in the laps when he needs them.

1. Sebastian Vettel

2. Jenson Button

3. Fernando Alonso

4. Mark Webber

5. Lewis Hamilton

6. Felipe Massa

7. Nico Rosberg

8. Rubens Barrichello

9. Michael Schumacher

10. Robert Kubica

So there you go. I was really far off on my call. Not even one spot was correct. Maybe I was blinded by those super high powered lights in Singapore or something. Who knows? Truthfully, I’m fine with the result because it makes things much more interesting for the races to come. In two weeks, it is on to Japan and the always fascinating Suzuka Circuit.


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