Steve Sutcliffe on Suzuka and Tilke

This is a great little article from Autocar that really puts some of my thoughts on the new track designs, and Hermann Tilke in particular, into a nice, coherent piece. Mr. Sutcliffe is right about Suzuka, and pretty much all of the older tracks, being much better for passing – and action in general –  than almost all of the new tracks combined. In fact, this point is one of the major factors I questioned about the proposed US Grand Prix circuit to be built in Austin. Can they actually make a track that drivers love to drive as much as spectators love to watch? They have already laid out plans to emulate corners from much more famous race tracks, but will that be enough to keep the drivers and viewers interested? No one can say as of yet, but just give the article a quick read because it brings up some good points.

Article link.


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