New Tracks For The Future

First it was Korea this year, then India next year and the US the year after. But F1 (by which I mean Bernie Ecclestone) doesn’t want to stop there. He has recently secured a deal to be racing in Russia by 2014. This means that there will probably be no Brazil or Australia by that time, considering they are huge flyaway races and the cost cutting from them would mean more money for Bernie and less expenditure from the teams. This could also mean the death of the old – or as most people refer to them, GOOD – circuits that are out there. Which would you rather watch? Spa or India? Monza or Korea? Come on Bernie, just stop already.

The teams will be traveling to Korea in a week’s time, but the track is still being built. I wish I were kidding about that, but it’s the truth. The track is probably going to be rubbish to drive on, no one is going to show up and the whole thing will be a disaster. This is why Bernie needs to stop seeing dollar signs everywhere he goes and just focus on making the show better at the venues that are currently on the calendar.

Korean GP

Korean GP


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