More Austin News

This just came across my email last night. Follow this link to see what is going on with the US Grand Prix. Apparently, they have been approved to build the track by an FIA official. At this time though, there is still the logistical nightmare of how to get all of the people into and out of the circuit in a timely and efficient matter. I heard that in South Korea, there was a 20 mile traffic jam that prevented many people from actually getting to the track, which accounted for many empty seats and angry people. I think that this will become a classic case of counting the chicks before they hatch, but only time will tell.

Don’t forget to watch the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend. Alonso can wrap it up, but only if everything goes his way. Look for a close battle, but for the championship to once again go down to the wire. And Bernie still wants medals? Come on!


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