Brazilian GP Predictions

Well, it’s that time again. PREDICTIONS! This time, predictions are going to be straightforward for me, but probably skewed on the grid, as it is expected to rain tomorrow. The forecast is calling for 100% showers for qualifying and that will certainly aid many mid-pack drivers and probably hinder those who would normally try to push for everything they are worth. But this isn’t about Saturday, this is about the finishing positions on Sunday, and this is how I think things will shape up, as Sunday is supposed to be free and clear of rain.

1. Felipe Massa

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Fernando Alonso

4. Mark Webber

5. Sebastian Vettel

6. Robert Kubica

7. Mark Webber

8. Michael Schumacher

9. Jenson Button

10. Nick Heidfeld

This will be the race that will officially eliminate Webber and Button from the championship, and it will all come down to Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton in the final race (although Hamilton will be a very outside shot). Brazil is almost always a spectacular race, and this one promises to be another doozy.


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