Bernie’s Mugging

Well, it was a pretty good Thanksgiving weekend for most, with the exception being Mr. Bernie Ecclestone. The Formula One boss was mugged outside his London home on Wednesday. The assailants punched and kicked him and then stole over $300K worth of jewelry from him and his girlfriend. Obviously these muggers knew who he was and took advantage of his age (80) and the fact that he was with his girlfriend, Fabiana Flosi, (31) neither of whom could really stop an attack from happening. Maybe this is just a way to show Bernie that, in the end, comments he makes about other muggers can be taken and used against him. As a fact, here are the comments he made during the Brazilian Grand Prix, when Jenson Button was held up at a stop light. “They look for victims, they look for anyone who looks like a soft touch and not too bright,” said the Briton in Sao Paulo. “People who look a bit soft and simple, they will always have a go at.” Bernie is better now, and I’m sure he was consoled many, many wonderful times (or as many as he can handle so as not to kill the old man) by his much younger girlfriend. Will this have any effect on the old bugger? Maybe he will have some bodyguard or something, but he is so thick skinned, that I doubt it will affect him very much.


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