Quick News and Notes

63 days and counting until the first GP of the new season and there’s been some action in the pit lanes. Chris Dyer, one of Ferrari’s main men for many years, has been let go because of the tactical errors that cost Fernando Alonso a better shot at the title and the end of last year. He is being replaced by Pat Fry, an ex-McLaren designer. Will it all work out for the boys in red? No one knows for sure yet obviously, but they have the best driver on the grid, a ton of cash behind them as usual, and supposedly a totally revamped car design. It won’t be easy for them, or any team on the grid, to run away with races though, as strong opposition will be coming from Red Bull, McLaren and Mercedes, not to mention Williams or Renault as possible spoilers.

In other news, the Indian GP circuit is on track to being finished. This seems like a bad idea to me of course, but F1 doesn’t go to where the history of the sport is anymore. They go to where the big money resides.

Also, it seems as though I had better start to act fast if I want to see the race in Montreal this year. Tickets and hotel rooms are being sold out fast, even with a full weekend race package going for $500. The other time I went to Montreal for the F1 race was in 2002, and the entire weekend cost around $340. And those were damn good seats too. Looks like I’ll have to start saving up soon.


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